One-time fee followed by a monthly subscription – Internet access is required.

Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Full clouding system that makes your school stand out

Our system modules

– Teacher

– Students

– Parents

– Library

– Health office and staff clinic

– School cafeteria

– Bus management (Moto Pool)

–  Employee online self-service

– Human resources and Payroll

– Purchasing

– Inventory control

– School store (POS)

– School-wide news


Facilitate learning, organization, and the day to day tasks. Our program covers all the components of the schools including students, courses, tests, educators, and representatives. EasySchool is a school information system that provides all school entities with the information needed to run your school.


EasySchool is a Web-Based Application: A school system that is always online and accessed on the web, anytime, and anywhere. There are no limitations, all the tools are available in one system. No arrangement is required on your school premises, no need to buy any technology infrastructure nor specialized hardware to work.


A Complete School ERP Software
EasySchool is ERP programming for schools, and it incorporates all the highlights of an ERP programming custom-made for school needs. Coordination, automation, Reporting, Customer Relationship Management – CRM (Student, teachers, admin and parents), Accounting and Tracking, and Human Resources. Everything is bundled in one place at ease.




Simple to utilize

No preparation is required.


Most parts of EasySchool are configurable to suit your requirements.

Around the clock help

Cordial and expert staff who are prepared to support you.

Who can use it

School Administrators

Correspondence through EasySchool is incredibly simple.

It’s as basic as choosing a class, year, or the whole school and clicking ‘send’ to convey email messages.

Easy access to any information for students, parents, and staff data. No more looking through records or manual class attendance, what class an educator is giving, or searching for parents’ contact info.


IT Staff


EasySchool is a foundation dream. A cutting edge program and web association is all you need. We deal with the preparation and create the frameworks. Planning is straightforward! No equipment or programming. We even do all your backups for you.


Head of School


EasySchool provides many functions that work together in harmony. We can give you one powerful system together with exceptional support to help bring your entire staff and organization of your school together in one integrated student information management system.




Diminish the time you spend on taking care of everything and free yourself to do what you specialize in, teacher. No printing or copying and no paper sheets to fill in and document.

Get a quick overview of your courses, students, and their parents and afterward drill down to itemized data on grades, assignments, timetables.

Set homework and assignments and effectively see those assignments for the entire term in one single view. Store and share any digital material in EasySchool with your students. Finish and submit grade reports rapidly and without any problem.




Cut down on note-taking and recollecting everything. Your class timetable, school declarations, and assignments grades are in one place.

Discover when assignments and schoolwork are expected and download any supporting material and notes to help you.




Never miss a school occasion or instructor/parent meeting, get your children’s evaluation report when they are distributed. Keep in steady touch with the school and see precisely what classes your children are in or who their teachers are. Sign authorization slips or complete school polls all on the web.

EasySchool brings Parents, Students, and staff together more than ever.