One-time fee followed by a monthly subscription – Internet access is required.

Online health management system


For customers who want to focus on the practice not the hassle of management, who need to make good decisions, keep their business accessible from anywhere at anytime, the “EasyHospital” is a clouding technology that works effortlessly with any device…

Unlike traditional software that requires: installation, server (hardware) and licenses, our product gives you the chance to work from your mobile phone, tablets or any internet connected device.

Our apps brings accountability and credibility to clouding apps while helping customers focus on the practice, not the management.”

EasyHealth a Health Management System (HMS) at your fingertips. Our smart system is a powerful and easy to use with a complete hospital day-to-day tasks that allows you to keep track of everything related to the hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, medical institutes.

You can manage and assign jobs and tasks to all of your users as you want such as Patient, Doctor, Nurse, Receptionist, Laboratorist, Pharmacist, etc. and assign them different roles and responsibilities. Each user will have their own account protected by username and password.

This smart system provides you with an integrated set of features that are connected to each other to maximize your effort to run your hospital data.

The system is an on-line based clouding system that can be used by any device connected to the Internet and from anywhere. Using the most powerful database management system, Oracle that provides you with up-scaled system with security features, such as access management control, encryption and guided with our web digital security certificate (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption).

Our data center are hosted in Germany with state of the art hardware and software capabilities to ensure a reliable connection and up-time of 99.99% (this figure is commented with out-of-hands restrictions that may occur.


Why Choose Us

– Our system offers a very easy and user design screens which can be accessed on mobile, tablets, smartphones and desktops.

– We will help and facilitate to increase your productivity while working with a complete set of clinical efficiency, focusing on your duty not the technology.

– We can customize our Management System to be more powerful and easier to use.

– By using our solutions, we insure that you will have a significantly maximizes the management control levels in your organization.


Effective Decision Making

EasyHospital will help you clear out and eliminate all of your existing problems with the patients,employees and management.

Clouding Technology – Anywhere – Any Device – No installation is required



– Patient care management (Paperless world – Electronic Health Records) – On-line reservation panel for self-service’s patient visit management


– Patient scheduling and appointments – Doctors scheduling – Handling payments and refund protocols – Barcode and QR code connectivity


– Full-optimized visit cycling work-flow – One-click prescription which is easy to print – Access all patient’s medical data – Store diagnoses and treatment for later use – Doctors can access financial module for their salaries and financial statement follow-up

Medical Insurance

– Handles insurance claims – Automated insurance companies list prices per patient financial reports and communication

Administrators and Finance and Inventory control

– Cash-flow reports – Facilitates e-billing and accounting – Human resource and Payroll module – Export and Import your data – Expenses and income (financial statements)

ER-emergency Unit

– A fully controlled ER (emergency) module

Laboratories and Radiology facilities

– Paperless world – Upload your documents, reports and images – Upload patients’ report to their medical records for doctors to view

Queue Management System Display

– Shows who is in and Who’s is next (require smart TV screens with Internet connectivity)

Bilingual interface

– Arabic and English


– Fully customized to suits your needsBack-up hassle free – Security – No need to worry about your data loss any more – Your data is security with four layers of protection: 1- TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) 2- Network Encryption Layer using AES, triple DES, and RC4 3- Web digital security certificate (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption) 4- End-User access control (username and password)