One-time fee followed by a monthly subscription – Internet access is required.

Cloud dental application for dental clinics

EasyDental: Clinic automation, treatment and correspondence. Computerized dentistry application developed for dental specialists and dental centers.


Dental charting, scheduling, ICD-10, Price list, services, materials, X-Rays and patient medical files.


Arrangement booking, reminders, Internet communication.

Office Tasks

Patients, scheduling, tasks, patient forms, notes, workflow, E-Prescription.


Main Features

Online booking (Reservation office or through your Patients)

Digital patient records

Charting and Planning

Clinic inventory and purchasing control

Invoicing and payments

Financial records



Booking (visits and consultations)

Create, Drag and drop to make an arrangement. Arrangement Multiple workplaces and rooms, make specialists working hours and off-hours.

Patient Record

Add the necessary content fields to the patient record. For instance, data about a patient’s protection plan or advertising data.

Charting and Planning

Chart a procedure or ICD-10 diagnosis, no need to remember all diagnoses as type in the first characters and let the system help.Create, print and present different treatment cases for your patients, all the procedures of your treatment plans are organized into steps.


Create your supplies and inventory listing. With our complete inventory control system and purchasing you will never miss an item in need.

Invoicing and Payments

Create invoices, add a changeable tax percentage and discounts to your bills. Get reminders for unpaid invoices into the scheduler. Use internal patient balance for the next treatments. Manage installment plans and payment agreements. Full management over insurance companies and balance settlements.

Documents and Forms

Create and print patient consent agreements and letters. Upload all medical images and medical history. Easy access and export patients’ history into PDF document.

Patient panel and Online Booking

Let your patient do the work for you. Allow them to pick their visit time within your free slots over multiple clinic locations and among other doctors in your team. Get instant notification over patient visit’ request for approval with Email notifications.

Financial records and profit share management panel

Daily financial report of your clinic’s income and expenses with our Expenses and Payroll panel. Create your end of period profit share with your team members.

What do I need

Internet connectivity
Any device (Computer, laptop, smart mobile, tablet, iPad
Any web-browser


Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is cloud-based dental software EasyDental?

EasyDental is a clinic dental management cloud-based software for solo dentists, clinics, and large dental practices. You can work from any device, and access information from anywhere at any time. You will have all the tools that you need in your daily workflow – office management, practice management, and communications. EasyDental facilitates and help you increase efficiency by patient automation (CRM), treatment planning, collaboration, invoices and payments, inventory management, access control for users, and data reports.


2-Do I need to pay any extra fees for the infrastructure of operating systems to run your application?

No. However, you need to make sure that you have the following:

– Workable computer or laptop. Any smart device (tablet, iPad or smart phone)

– Stable Internet connection (recommended, 5 MB speed)

– Any web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or any standard browsers)

3-Who can access my clinic software?

Simply, anyone that you choose to:

– Team doctors

– Office staff

– Patients (online portal)

4- Do I need to install anything from my side?

No, you only need to have Internet connectivity, any smart device (laptop or mobile) and Internet browser.