This is a Schedule to the General Terms of Contive Technologies Limited. This Schedule applies to all Services defined below, and as stipulated in an Order.

Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions used in the General Terms apply to this Schedule. Any other terms defined in this Schedule have that meaning for this Schedule only.


In this Schedule, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

“Hosting Services”

the hosting services that we provide to our customers that have entered into a relevant agreement with us, the specification of which is as listed and updated on the Website from time to time.

“Hosting Services Fees”

the fees payable to us by you for our provision to you of the Hosting Services;

“Web Design Services”

the web design services that we provide to our customers.


2.1 Free domain name: We may provide one free domain name with some of our agreements for Hosting Services and Web Design Services for a period of 12 months from the date of the relevant Order Acceptance as part of a time-limited promotion, you will be responsible for any payable registration fees. If you already have a host but want to benefit from our unlimited cloud platform, you can ask us to migrate your domain and website to our platform.

2.2 Domain name registration period: Domain names will be registered for a period of 12 months unless we inform you otherwise.

2.3 Costs in respect of domain names: Where we provide a domain name to you free of charge in accordance with Paragraph 2.1, if you terminate the Hosting Services to which that free domain name relates within the initial registration period of the domain, you will be responsible to pay to us the registration fee that you would have paid to us for that domain name if we had not provided it to you free of charge, where such fees are listed on the Website and updated from time to time. We reserve the right to require full payment of such fees to us prior to us releasing or migrating the domain name to a third party host.

2.4 Domain Registration Services Schedule: All of this Paragraph 2 is subject to the Domain Registration Services.

2.5 Email traffic: Where the Services allocate any email account to you, we do not warrant that any email sent to that email account will be received by you nor that any email sent by you from that account will be delivered to any intended recipient. You acknowledge that we use incoming and outgoing email “spam” filtering for security purposes and such filtering may, in some cases, prevent email from being received by or sent from such email account. There is no facility to disable such filtering, and the thresholds of such are entirely at our discretion.

2.6 Retention of suspended or expired accounts: It is expected that you will remove any data on our servers which is no longer required. However, we reserve the right to remove hosting accounts belonging to you, and all associated data, on our web servers that have been suspended in excess of 45 days or which may reasonably be considered to be expired. An example might be, in the case of Reseller Hosting, hosting accounts sold to third parties which may have been suspended due to a failure of payment, or hosting accounts which have not been terminated but where the third party has moved to another web hosting service.


3.1 The Hosting and Web Design Services Fees: The Hosting Services Fees are as set out on the Website at the time that you submit your Order, subject to Clause 10.3.

3.2 Payment: All payments of the Hosting Services Fees shall be made by you in accordance with the General Terms unless expressly agreed between the Parties in writing.

3.3 Refund: If you are not completely happy with our provision of the Hosting Services within the first 15 days of the Order Acceptance, then you can cancel this Agreement and we will refund in full any Hosting Services Fees that you have paid to us.


4.1 Term of this Schedule: This Schedule shall commence on the date of the relevant Order Acceptance and shall continue in full force and effect until terminated in accordance with the General Terms.